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Rachelle Hademenos
Management and Project Coordination

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Responsible x23 Hard Working x23 Resourceful x21 Gets stuff done! x18 Entrepreneur x18 Social Butterfly x14

Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done!



Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful
Brazos Jones - I.T. Services Engineer McKesson Specialty Health

Hard Working Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

Hard Working

 ✰ Rachelle Hademenos is a very nice person, very professional and easy to relate to people.  

Roderick Parks - SAP Consultant at Qualtech Systems Inc.

Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 ✰ Rachelle Hademenos is a great person both as an individual and as a professional. A person who plans and executes beautifully.  

roy nichols - unemployement

Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 Definitely a go-getter, which is the need of the time and required in the industry.  

Brian Braker - Director Of Web Services at MB CONSULTING

Entrepreneur Hard Working Responsible Resourceful

 ✰ Rachelle Hademenos is highly professional and great leader.  

Robert Lindsey - Executive Director, Tech Therapy, Inc.

Hard Working Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 A great motivator with excellent knowledge.  

Cyuba Thomas - IT Support at Safeway/Randalls


 She is passionate about the process of becoming great  


 Rachelle Hademenos, She is all was willing to go out of her way to help any one who needs it .  

Abhijit Banerjee [LION 1300+] - Senior Analyst - Market Research Operational Excellence at HBG Knowledge

Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 Rachelle Hademenos is passionate about learning, teaching and empowering others using technology. She is very approachable in terms of any assistance that she can provide in enriching or helping other people lives. That is the sign of a true leader w  


Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 Rachelle is completely awesome. She is sweet, kind, and very genuine  

Rohan Amin - Outsourcing

Entrepreneur Hard Working Responsible

 ✰ Rachelle Hademenos is indeed a hard working person.  

Ken Marsh - Vice President Training and Operations at Dale Carnegie Houston

Hard Working Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 Rachelle Hademenos is smart, savvy, hardworking, creative and resourceful person. She is a very impressive professional!  


Hard Working Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful
Pratham Vision - Branding at Pratham Vision Pvt Ltd


 Reliable, dependable and very sociable.  


 Very helpful. Self starter and a person who takes initiative.  

Bobby Lewis - PK Software Support Analyst

Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 Rachelle is a very driven at accomplishing a goal at a very high level. She has a way of bringing the team up to that level she desires while having them understand, appreciate, and most cases enjoy reaching that goal.  


Hard Working Responsible

 ✰ Rachelle Hademenos is a decent hard working person.  

David H. Belton, MPM, Cert. Educational Provider. - Faculty Member at Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

Hard Working Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 Ms. Hademenos was one of my most industrious and creative students. She was very respectful of others learning and showed great leadership. Prof. Belton  


Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 Very helpful. Self starter and a person who takes initiative.  

Maria Molfetto - --


 ✰ Rachelle Hademenos is a decent hard working person.  

Kirbie Speights - Administrative Extraordinaire

Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Resourceful

 ✰ Rachelle Hademenos is a great person both as an individual and as a professional. A person who plans and executes beautifully.  

Javier Rodarte - Information Technology and Services Professional

Entrepreneur Social Butterfly

 ✰ Rachelle Hademenos is a team leader one of the best.  

Tyler Gleason - Retail Superintendent at Tri-North Builders

Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Resourceful



Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 ✰ Rachelle Hademenos is a very hard worker, very good at people with management.  

Michael Mobbs - Head of IT/Video Conferencing at Stratos Legal

Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 I would highly recommend ✰ Rachelle Hademenos to anyone who is looking for a hardworking individual.  


Entrepreneur Hard Working Social Butterfly Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

  Rachelle Hademenos is an extremely knowledgeable and professional manager who encourages the development of his team. Rachelle Hademenos shows a passion for staying current with industry trends which would be a true asset for any organisation tha  

Cathy Thorsen -

Entrepreneur Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 Rachelle is a fire-starter, igniting great efforts through the optimal combination of people and resources.  

Sojourner Fathom -

Entrepreneur Hard Working Responsible Gets stuff done! Resourceful

 Rachelle is a decent hard working person.  

 Pam Terry - Speaker Coach | Keynote Speaker | Author | www.pamterry.com

 Rachelle is very helpful and devoted to making a difference in the community. I enjoyed learning about Comp-U-Dopt through Rachelle and getting to know her as well. They are fortunate to have her on their team!! 

 private private -

 Rachelle is my heroine. I want to be like her when and if I grow up! She's extremely intelligent and open-minded, yet intently focused on any task she undertakes. Rachelle's vision is light-years beyond the big picture. 

 Mike H. Ladouceur - Board Chair & Founder at Fallen Heroes Survivors Foundation

 Rachelle has always shown dedication and commitment to all the projects we have worked on together. She is a true one of a kind gem. I am proud and blessed to be associated with her. 

 Olga Carolina Avila-Montes - M.S. Computer Science, B.S. Biomedical Engineering

 I had the pleasure of working with Rachelle while volunteering part-time at Comp-U-Dopt. I really admired her dedication and passion towards this organization, but most importantly I will remember Rachelle for her enthusiasm and high energy, keeping a happy face even when dealing with difficult situations. I'm sure any organization will benefit from working with her. She is pretty awesome! 

 Elena Giralt - Houston Public Media

 I worked under Rachelle at Compudopt for several months- volunteering several hours each week at this excellent local nonprofit that refurbishes computers to give to children and adults in an effort to close the technology gap that often plagues individals from lower income groups in schools and the work place. Rachelle is an incredible leader, supervisor, teacher and community activist. Her patience and dedication to this organization are admirable and the compassion she brings to both the clients and volunteers that Compudopt serves is unparalleled. Under her leadership, I learned about basic hardware coponents, open source technology and trouble shooting strategies. The environment at Computdopt was relaxed, friendly but motivated as Rachelle was quick to remind any idle able body how many computers needed to be prepped for the next adoption session. Compudopt's method for donating and delivering computers is empowering for the children and adults who receive them. No one made this more clear than Rachelle. While I worked with her, I felt that we were educating ourselves as much as we were educating others. I stopped volunteering for Compudopt after I got a full time job at the University of Houston. I am sure that my experience working with Rachelle was paramount in why I was hired. Rachelle has my enthusiastic reccomendation and any company would be fortunate to have her as part of its team. 

 Audrey Carlisle - Financial Services and Business Professional - Open to New Opportunities

 I worked with Rachelle as a volunteer at Comp-U-Dopt in the Spring of 2012. Rachelle always showed dedication and commitment to the mission of the organization. She worked very hard for towards the success of the long and short term goals, especially in times of high pressure. She was always very friendly and had good relationships all of the volunteers. I admired her perseverance and passion for the work she did. I would recommend Rachelle to any organization. I know she would be a valuable asset and a great employee. 

 Shannon Frazier - IT Consultant

 Rachelle is an outstanding person. I have seen many examples of her skills and have been impressed with her work ethic. 

 Jonathan Self - Cline up at Gibbs

 Rachelle is very out going, and is on tope of the work that she is doing. She is very knowledge in her degree. She is welling to help others. 

 John Amann - Owner at John Amann Insurance Life & Health Agency

 Rachelle is a very conciencious and honest worker... she prove to be reliable and interested in learning the business and succeeded 

 Jeremy Deats - Sr. Software Enginer/Owner at Deats Consulting

 I've worked with Rachelle and have been impressed with her passion, organization and drive. She's incredibly bright and focused in everything seems to try and tackle. I highly recommend her for any team. 

 Andres Ruz - IT Manager at Athlon Solutions

 I've worked with Rachelle and it is amazing the patience and organization that she puts in to work. She can manage small technical things at the same time that big projects. 

 Rickey Meeks - IT Help Desk Technician at Waste Management, Inc.

 To whom it may concern: Rachelle Hademenos currently volunteers her time with the Compudopt Organization, rebuilding, donating PCs, and educating families on the use of PCs. She is a dependable volunteer who has never missed a shift. Rachelle is definitely an asset to the Compudopt Organization. She is always cheerful and willing to assist with any task. I highly recommend her to any future employer or volunteer organization. Sincerely, Rickey D. Meeks 

 Daniel Brown - Desktop Support Contractor at Osha Liang LLP

 It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Rachelle Hademenos as I worked with her for 5 months at Comp-U-Dopt on their network redesign project. She has always had a go-get type of attitude that helped encourage others to do their best and put forth 100% effort by promoting a pleasant and productive culture to work in. Rachelle is an enthusiastic and progressive young woman with extremely high potentialities. She is quick at learning and good at solving complicated problems; Rachelle has a logical and creative mind that enables her to raise some insightful views. Rachelle was instrumental in establishing goals and deadlines for project completion as well as facilitating communications and collaboration between team members. With a strong foundation in reality she was able to help predict with great accuracy completion deadlines that were both realistic and achievable. I was also deeply impressed with her diligence and willingness to go above and beyond the call to help other people. I witnessed Rachelle complete 30+ computers refurbished in one night to ensure our goals were met. What's more, she is an optimistic woman with pleasant a personality, and works well with a diverse group of people. 

 Jay Davis - Director of Public Relations at Texas-Africa Business Summit

 Rachelle is the consummate "servant leader". I have not yet met a single individual who personifies this title more than she (myself included). Aside from that I cannot write a sincere recommendation that does not mention that she is a visionary of the rarest form. Rachelle sat down with me about two (2) years ago and ran by me an idea of bringing people together on a collaborative online platform to engage in the most innovative social entrepreneurship initiative that I had ever seen "dreamed up" outside of the Power In Numbers platform. I immediately saw the massive impact this would have on communities, nations and the world as a whole. She explained to me that everyone, besides myself, that she spoke about this to told her that it wasn't feasible by any stretch of the imagination. In just two short years later we came across a brand named "Common". If you haven't heard of it yet, here is a bit of introductory information from their website: "Founded in January of 2011 by Alex and Ana Bogusky, John Bielenberg and Rob Schuham, COMMON supports, connects and celebrates those designing a new era of socially-minded enterprise." I invite you to visit the site and take special note of how this brand asks its supporters to engage. It is precisely how Rachelle suggested people engage on the platform in her mind (except BETTER). If you don't know the founders of COMMON and who they are. Perhaps you should Google them NOW! I am honored to be assisting Rachelle in developing her platform and look forward to continuing to work with her for many years to come; and honored for her to share her creativity in the "true first-ever collaborative brand", Power In Numbers. Her insight, ingenuity, integrity, vision and desire to serve is a tremendous asset to all who come in contact with her. Do NOT let her pass you by without engaging with this truly wonderful spirit. 

 Gary Wilson - Computer/Electronic Engineering Professional

 Rachelle is a detailed oriented worker. When I have worked with her in some group work, she kept every body on task and got the group through the project with success. She works hard and will work hard for any company while helping people who needs help. 

 Megan Thompson - Adimistrative Assistant at Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

 Rachelle is a hard working, positive person that is always willing to help others while still managing to get all of her work done on time. She has great work ethic and is dedicated to getting the job done correctly. She would be valuable employee at any company she applies at. 

 Cruz Olivarez - Systems Administrator at Glazier Foods Company

 Rachelle is a very conscientious and dedicated IT professional. Her attention to detail and the quality of her work is of the highest caliber. She is definitely a valuable asset to any organization she's a part of. 

 Ryan Abedelfatah - Director, IT Program and Project Management at McKesson

 Rachelle is a pleasure to work with and a true professional. Her dedication to the task at hand, knowledge of the industry of which she is pursuing her career in and her willingness to assist others is paramount in a long list of qualifications and professional traits. Having the opportunity and need for Rachelle's skillset, I would definately take advantage of working with her again. 

 Belle Rebiere - Executive Director at Thomas,Thomas &Thomas P.C.

 While I did not work with Rachel directly, she was positive and motivated. It was a pleasure to work in the same office with her. She has a positive future ahead of her! Belle Rebiere 

 Hugh Sazegar - CEO at Techcess Group

 We hired Rachelle at Techcess Group for an IT Helpdesk Position and were very pleased with her performance and professionalism. Hugh Sazegar 

 Christopher Thompson - Writer

 Rachelle is a dependable and amicable woman who was a wonderful person to work with at Comp-U-Dopt. I found her to be very hard-working and knowledgeable and would gladly work with her again. 

 Meghan Guidry - DTSS Co-Op at Hewitt Associates, LION_Accepts all invites_No Spam_No IDKs

 Rachelle is a meticulous and well organized worker. She upholds her personal and the company standards in the workplace. Rachelle is always willing to take up a project and is the first to volunteer herself. I hope she and I can work together again soon. 

 John Burke - Asset Management Supervisor at TETRA Technologies

 Rachelle is very knowledgeable and also a very driven student, she likes to help her peers and has an amazing work ethic. 

 Wayne Anderson, MCSE, MSCIS - Information Systems Architect at Hewlett-Packard

 Rachelle was one of my best students. She was always on time, and is extremely good with attention-to-detail. She always finished her work on-time, and always had positive contributions during class. I highly recommend hiring Rachelle. 

 Zeyad 025 - Teacher at ITT Technical Institute

 I have known Rachelle for the past years in my capacity as an instructor at ITT Technical Institute. Rachelle took a number of Educational courses under my specific instruction. Based on her grades, attendance and class participation, I would rate Rachelle’s’ academic performance in my class as superior. Rachelle has a number of strengths to offer an employer. She is always interested in supporting other students and helping them also achieve their educational goals. For example, this year when we worked on our class projects, Rachelle was helpful to her fellow classmates in collecting and organizing the information needed to complete their assignments through either her research or by knowledge gained in her own experience. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Rachelle. If her performance in my class is any indication of how she would perform in your company, Rachelle will be a positive addition to your organization. If you should ever need any additional information, you can contact me anytime at 281-873-0512 or by email at zchreim@itt-tech.edu Sincerely, Zeyad Chreim Associate Dean ITT Technical Institute 

 Daniel Brown - Desktop Support Contractor at Osha Liang LLP

 Rachelle is a great student that has went above and beyond the call to help others. Rachelle has been a great help getting the Honor Society back up and running. I would recommend Rachelle for any job she applies for, her hard working and get the job done attitude would be a great asset to any company. 

 Joshua Freeman - Student Worker at ITT Technical Institute

 She is very bright and intelligent.